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20-30 Liter Automatic Extrusion Blow Molding Machines

It is used for blowing hollow products of PE, PP and other materials. Such as: square barrels, round barrels, toolboxes, etc. The machine has high performance, low energy consumption and easy operation...

1. maximum blow volume is 2L, PE, PP, etc. can be used.
2. Different screws and die mandrels, channel styles will be designed based on the specifics of different plastics;
4, convenience to refueling, change color, purge, disassembly and cleaning with those die head. Symmetry part of the wall thickness is very uniform;
5, Double proportional valve control oil flow and pressure, directional valve control flow way, deceleration valve brakes, achieve smooth and fast action;
6, Clamping mold is achieved with scissor toggle mechanism, mold carriage is with high-precision ball linear guide, every part of template bears the similar clamping force,
7, Extruder platform can be lifted, easy to adjust the parison length
8. can blow vertically and even blow from certain angle
8, Design is based at CE safety standard, concerning about user safety;
9, Inverter is from France Schneider, adjust the screw speed, saving energy;
10, automatic lubrication system, automatic alarm function, more concerned about the user;
11, Equipped with high temperature alarm function.

Max. Product Volume L 30
Dry Cycle Pc/H 600
Screw Diameter MM 80
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 26:1
Screw Heating Capacity KW 6-8
Clamping Force KN 200
Number of heating zone Zone 4
Output of HDPE Kg/Hr 100-120
Oil Pump Drive Power KW 22
Mold Stroke MM 140-380
Size of Mold  (W*H)MM 550*650
Max. Die pin Diameter MM 300
Blowing Pressure Mpa 0.8
Air Volume M3/Min 0.8
Cooling Water Pressure Mpa 0.3
Water Consumption L/Min 60
Weight of Machine T 10