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Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine Entity Manufacturers In Stock

Widely used in the production of medium-sized plastic hollow products such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, packaging barrels, tool boxes, etc. with PE and PP as raw materials

Machine parameters

Widely used in the production of cosmetic, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, toys, packaging barrels, tool boxes, fuel tanks, air ducts, and other steam parts and other large and medium-sized plastic hollow products with PE and PP as raw materials

Product advantages:

A. The screw design is high-efficiency mixing to ensure uniform plasticization, suitable for the production of various plastics

B. The machine is driven by a variable frequency speed regulating motor, and the machine energy consumption is low;

C. There are single-die or double-die models to meet different production capacity requirements;

D. The movement of the mold base is a horizontal movement method, which is operated by a linear slide rail and moves the mold in parallel, which is fast and stable;

E. The clamping cylinder is in the middle of the template to make the force uniform, improve the quality of the product, and prolong the service life of the mold;

F. The opening and closing of the mold is controlled by three guide rods, which increases the clamping force and provides high stability and high efficiency of the machine operation;

G. The extrusion mechanism has a die head raising device, so that the material can be cut quickly and avoid sticking to the die;

H. The extrusion die head adopts shunt shuttle or screw feeding, the preform wall thickness is uniform, and the color change is fast and convenient;

I. All dies can be equipped with a wall thickness control system to optimize product thickness and save raw materials

J. Professional design of oil circuit system, fast speed, smooth deceleration without impact, low noise and energy saving;

K. The machine can be equipped with an automatic cutting mechanism, and the manipulator picks up the parts with the finished product transmission operation to meet the full-automatic production;

L. The machine can be matched with an in-mold labeling machine to meet the production of products with special requirements.

Max. Product Volume L 3 5
Dry Cycle Pc/H 700*2 600*2
Screw Diameter MM 65 75
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 23:1 23:1
Screw Heating Capacity KW 4.5-5.0 5.0-7.0
Number of heating zone Zone 3 3
Output of HDPE Kg/Hr 60-70 68-75
Oil Pump Drive Power KW 7.5 7.5
Clamping Force KN 45 60
Mold Stroke MM 150-480 160-550
Size of Mold  (W*H)MM 330*350 370*390
Max. Die pin Diameter MM 125 145
Blowing Pressure Mpa 0.6-0.8 0.6-0.8
Air Volume M3/Min 0.5 0.6
Cooling Water Pressure Mpa 0.3 0.3
Water Consumption L/Min 55 60
Weight of Machine T 4.2 4.6