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Plastic Sun Umbrella Support Base Making Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

This machine can help you do the best. The volume in the plastic bucket is 250 liters. It is widely used to manufacture oil tanks of 150L~250L.The maximum weight of the plastic tank can be 8.5~10.0 KGS...

This machine can help you do the best. The volume in the plastic bucket is 250 liters. It is widely used to manufacture oil tanks of 150L~250L. The die head of this machine tool adopts 22L energy storage type, 100-point parison controller, bottom blowing device and reclaiming device. The maximum weight of the plastic tank can be 8.5~10.0 KGS. You can choose the servo motor in the hydraulic system. We can make the appropriate configuration according to your new project requirements.

Electric control system: Japan Mitsubishi PLC computer plus man-machine interface (Chinese or English) control, color touch operation screen operation, modular temperature control. All functions such as process setting, change, retrieval, monitoring, fault diagnosis, etc. are realized on the touch screen, with no-point contact working principle, and durable components.

2. Hydraulic system: Proportional hydraulic control, equipped with imported famous brand hydraulic valve and oil pump, stable and reliable.

3. Plasticizing system: high-efficiency plasticizing and mixing screw to ensure full and uniform plasticization.

Fourth, the speed control system: frequency conversion speed control + alloy steel hard tooth surface gearbox, stable speed control, energy saving, low voice, and durable.

5. Mold opening and closing mechanism: The slide mechanism for mold opening and closing and clamping adopts ball linear guide rails, with an accuracy of micron level. The full-stroke positioning of the mold opening and closing is high in accuracy, easy, energy-saving, and has a strong load-bearing capacity and does not deform. Patented product: Two tie rods, single cylinder, two-way synchronous mold opening and closing center clamping mechanism, good product stability.

Six, injection: independent single (large) oil rod injection, to ensure the concentricity of the injection, to avoid the phenomenon of asynchrony of the double cylinders. Tongda’s unique technology has 10-stage pressure wall thickness control function, which reduces the difference between the upper and lower widths of the blank due to the sag, and effectively improves the uniformity of the product wall thickness.

7. Die head: They are all made of 38CrMoAlA, 42CrMoV, 35CrMo and other high-quality materials, which are made by precision machining and heat treatment.

8. Effort-saving replacement of molds: The die head can be lifted and lowered at the same time as the above machine, and can be moved backward and forward (hydraulic control), which is convenient for installing various molds to leave space. The remaining material is the least.

9. Low energy consumption: The production speed is about 70%, and the energy consumption is 34.6KW·h, which is 6-8KW·h more energy-saving than the original model.

Max. Product Volume L 60
Dry Cycle Pc/H 450
Screw Diameter MM 90
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 26:1
Screw Heating Capacity KW 7-9
Clamping Force KN 230-300
Number of heating zone Zone 4
Output of HDPE Kg/Hr 140-200
Oil Pump Drive Power KW 30
Mold Stroke MM 150-480
Size of Mold  (W*H)MM 700*900
Max. Die pin Diameter MM 350
Blowing Pressure Mpa 0.8
Air Volume M3/Min 1.0
Cooling Water Pressure Mpa 0.3
Water Consumption L/Min 85
Weight of Machine T 12