11 Years Manufacturer in China-PET Bottle Blowing Machine,NEWS

11 Years Manufacturer in China-PET Bottle Blowing Machine

11 Years Manufacturer in China-PET Bottle Blowing Machine

11 Years Manufacturer in China-PET Bottle Blowing Machine

We Offer PET Bottle Blowing Machine for 100ml to 2000ml, 5ltr to 10 ltr, 10ltr to 20ltr。High Output to 10,000 BPH, All Function Controlled in Siemens PLC With All Servo System. Since 2000。All servo motor adopted。30% power Saving。Factory Price。


BORG, the professional PET Blowing Machine for Bottle Manufacturer in China

BORG, your professional PET blowing machine manufacturer in China, we supply you one-stop solution for your PET bottle. BORG has been in the manufacturing PET blowing machine field for more than 11 years. BORG PET blowing machine also called PET bottle molding machine can produce your mineral water bottle, drinking water bottle, juice bottle, different kind of beverage PET bottles. BORG has a wide range blowing machine with competitive price, it can produce your PET bottle with different capacity from 2000 to 8000 bottles per hour, with one machine, you can produce various type of bottles by just changing the molds.202109241336429893.jpg

With the help of years technology updating, advantage design, precision manufacturing, strong platform, and adoption of full servo motor system, BORG PET blowing machine can blow your bottles in high speed and running smoothly. By minimizing heating head distance, BORG PET blowing machine can maximize the heating efficiency and can save much power during blowing, then save cost for you, and you can get the invest return in short time.202108311304114125.jpg

What is a PET Blowing Machine?

PET Blowing Machine is a device that is extensively used to blow water bottles and is also used for the manufacturing of plastic bottles.PET Blowing Machine is designed to produce heat-resistant and normal containers like water bottles.

A PET Blowing Machine is an environment-friendly machine to reuse plastic products especially water and other beverage bottles while keeping them safe to use for us.It uses polyethylene terephthalate in its operation.

Polyethylene terephthalate is a strong, pure, and lightweight plastic that is commonly used for packing foods and beverages.It is safe to use and approved by FDA.PET Blowing Machine is globally used for the manufacturing of bottles of carbonated soft drinks and water. It saves production costs at the same time it is reliable and efficient.

PET Blowing Machine operates at narrowed or different wavelengths compared to common IR-heaters to achieve higher penetration depths. This leads to lower energy consumption and a faster process.In short more quality products in a short time.

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